Other Services

Strategic Referrals

We maintain a network of contacts in the legal, real estate, and financial communities to assist our clients to solve multi-disciplinary problems. We also have an association with U.S. accounting firms to assist us with cross-border transactions, financial reporting, tax planning and compliance.

Trust Planning

Trusts are often contemplated as an estate planning tool but can also be created during your lifetime for a variety of reasons. Some of the benefits of a living trust include the protection of assets from creditors, control over the use of assets, multiplying the capital gains exemption, and efficient business succession planning. If you are considering using a trust, we are able to help you develop a well-thought plan to meet your financial objectives.

Cash Flow Projections and Budgeting

A cash flow projection is an estimate of the amount of money you expect to flow in and out of your business and includes the projected income and expenses typically for a period of 12 months. Good cash management can improve the liquidity of your business and improve profitability. Banks and lending institutions use cash flow projections to analyze your businessís ability to repay debt and often impose debt servicing covenants as part of a loan facility. We can help you analyze your cash flow, monitor compliance with loan agreements, and provide recommendations as needed.

Charitable Gift Planning

Private philanthropy is an important part of the success of many charities across our community. One of the options of transitioning your wealth, while minimizing taxes, may include the use of a private foundation. We can help you realize this objective by guiding you through the process of establishing a private foundation and by providing the necessary ongoing compliance. In addition to private foundations we can assist individuals with establishing planned giving strategies, such as the donation of publicly traded shares, which take into account tax planning objectives. We can consult with financial advisors and lawyers to create the right strategy for you.

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